Using research article burnout among healthcare professionals in Ghana what was the aim ?

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Using research article burnout among healthcare professionals in Ghana: A critical assessment by stephen T. Odonkor and Kwasi frimpong 1)What was the aim 2) how was the research presented( qualitative or quantitative or mixed) 3) was the research approach appropriate to the aim or question ( what’s your opinion) 4)how was the participant selected? Was it an appropriate way to recruit for the chosen research or were there biasis. 5)what method did they use to collect data 6)how did the researcher ensure their study was of good quality ( validity, reliability or trustworthiness) 7)was the study granted ethical approval, did they ensure informed consent/ anonymity/ confidentiality for the participants. If not ask yourself why 8) how was the data analyzed? Which tool was used 9)was the analysis appropriate for the study approach Results 1)How was the results presented. In what format they presented their findings 2) were the results clear and did they answer the research aim and question ….the research and question need align Discussion 1) did the authors discuss their findings in relation to other research in the field. Strength and weakness 1) what do you think the strengths and limitations of this study are? Is there a need for further research in this area? Relevance to practice Does the research relate to nursing practice ?

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