Write a narrative voices of protest

Your Task: Create a narrative, or story, that develops an idea you have on the following theme: Voicesof Protest. Your narrative can be a personal memoir OR a fictional short story. Whether drawn from yourlife or a work of imagination, your story should develop your chosen theme through a richly drawnsetting, complex characters, and a strong point of view. The action of your narrative should be fueled by aconflict that contributes to the rising action, a climax, and a resolution. ● Develop your theme through your story’s conflict, characters, and structure (i.e., rising action,climax and resolution).● Employ a strong narrative voice and a carefully chosen point of view.● If your final form is written, use spelling, grammar and syntax choices to further your creativegoals. When incorporating dialogue, format and punctuate correctly.● If you choose a medium other than writing for your final form, make thoughtful decisions abouthow to best use the qualities of that medium to showcase your ideas about this theme and thestory you have to tell.● Include a brief “author’s note” (a paragraph in length) in which you lay out the theme you aretrying to communicate and explain some of the key decisions you made as a writer in crafting anarrative that develops that theme.No sources required, i just need a random narrative about a protest and stuff like that

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