What importance do you now give to the different stages, looking back?How long did you spend in each stage?

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A reflection paper describing the process in its entirety and discussing the application to practice the experience may have on you as a social worker. Here are some ideas for you to consider when you write your paper:The paper must be 4pages in length, with at least three scholarly referencesHere are some things for you to consider as you write the paper:How have your thoughts about the process of change developed since the beginning of class? Yes Please explore your evolution over the summer as both a client and a social worker.What did you learn about these roles that you did not know before? Can you track the development of your client/social worker relationship through the various stages (beginning, middle, and end) we have discussed in class? Did you as client ever feel frustrated with your social worker? noDid you skip any of them? noWhat importance do you now give to the different stages, looking back?How long did you spend in each stage? Was it enough time?Did you as social worker ever feel frustrated with your client? What did you do about this frustration?What have you learned from the experience of being a client?What will you bring to your future practice as a result?What have you learned about the importance of the therapeutic alliance from this project?Did you trust your social worker? yesWhat did he/she do to build (or harm) that trust?trustHow did you manage boundary and confidentiality issues?What worked?What didn’t work? times were conflicting In what ways did you employ strength-based practices with your client?Did that come naturally or did you have to work at it? naturally

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