Discuss the character’s personality by showing how the symbol reflects it.

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Write about how setting functions as a kind of character in one of the stories. Do the landscape, time period, and/or weather act as the antagonist in the story?Choose a story and write an essay exploring how the protagonist evolves over the course of the story, providing evidence from the story to back up your argument.From any of the stories, select an object, or place, or action that seems clearly symbolic. Explain the symbolism behind what you’ve chosen. You may want to choose a symbol that recurs over the course of the story, and try to determine the importance of the symbol.Select a character from one of the stories and analyze this character by relating him or her to a significant object (symbol) in the story. Discuss the character’s personality by showing how the symbol reflects it.Analyze and interpret the title’s relevance from one of the stories? How is the title referenced in the story? How does the title affect the reading or understanding of the story?You can examine some aspect of history or biography and consider its relationship to one of the stories.You can examine three literary elements in one of the stories, such as, but not limited to, irony, imagery, style , tone, language, plot, setting, symbolism, theme, point of view, figurative language, character development, or the use of flashbacks. How are these techniques employed and/or contribute to the story?Choose a minor character to analyze. Find three personality traits which distinguish this character. You need to show the relevance of this character’s role to the major theme.

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