Discuss on critical analysis the following article; Mutations in MINAR2 encoding membrane integral NOTCH2- associated receptor 2 cause deafness in humans and mice(Bademci et al., 2022)

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In the assigmen anaylsyis the folwing questions;
1. Does this series of experiments have a hypothesis or could you design one (remember specific and testable)?
2. How relevant are the in vitro models used (in general terms) of angiogenesis? Remember to be critical: compare and contrast the pros and cons and use evidence from manuscripts (referenced) to support your answer.
3. What is the relevance of the controls used in the experiments in Figure 8?
4. How many replicates have the authors used in each individual experiment and how many experimental repeats and is this appropriate?
5. Why did the authors use HUVEC’s and PC-12 and are these appropriate?
6. How convincing is the data in Figure 8 overall (or an individual figure panel); in particular what controls are shown and which other controls could have been used and why? The reasoning for the controls (and which others could/should have been used) should be explained.
7. Are there alternative explanations of the outcome of experiments within the figure/s? If you think so, then you should include evidence to support your assertion.
8. Are there experiments that would significantly improve the argument made by the authors? What are those experiments and which key points would they address?
9. How strong is the evidence in support of the/your main hypothesis?
10. Is there is corroborating data in other tissues/models or in different pathologies?

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