Develop a list of outcome objectives your PSA will address.

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In Week 8, you will be completing a public service announcement (PSA) on an area of interest for suicide prevention based on the materials for this course or other resources.For this assignment, you will create an engaging one- to two-minute public service announcement (PSA) aimed at mobilizing the community to take action and facilitate change. Your announcement should be designed to grab and hold the attention of the viewer. You will need to conduct research about the population and suicide prevention in order to create an effective PSA. Identify the risk and protective factors of your population of interest.In preparation for this assignment and to help you get started, you should consider the following: Develop a list of outcome objectives your PSA will address.Familiarize yourself with other public service announcements to evaluate what you feel is effective or not effective.Tailor your PSA regarding suicide prevention carefully to the special population people group.Think about your word choices. How will you capture people’s attention?What questions will your PSA answer? How will your PSA raise awareness or change the public’s attitudes and behaviors?How does your PSA fulfill the objectives you have created?Script out your PSA and prepare for recording.Questions to keep in mind:What happened when communication stalled for you?What were the results of poor communication?Did it result in a wrong diagnosis? Incorrect or unnecessary medication? Was there a loss of contact with a patient?Were you able to overcome the communication failure?What communications skills would you have liked to have better practiced to change the outcome for the patient?

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