Assignment: Journals #1

Assignment: Journals allow you more freedom than a researched, academic essay, but should still be in essay format. Journal #1 Prompt: What is the theme or main idea of one of the stories of your choosing from the “The Open Boat” or “Miss Brill?” Why is theme important to understanding literature? URL for “open boat” … Read more

Unveiling the Timeless Brilliance of ‘Citizen Kane’ Through Scene Analysis Essay

Assignment Question Scene Analysis–Citizen Kane Assignment Overview The scene analyses serve several purposes: they allow you to learn and apply the critical terminology and concepts introduced in the assigned readings, and they will help you to generate ideas for longer writing assignments. Assignment Structure/Criteria Identify one scene from the feature film that draws the viewer’s … Read more

Understanding and Addressing Bias in Journalism: A Critical Analysis

Assignment Question Choose one of the following writing prompts and answer al questions associated with it. Demonstrate critical thinking in your responses. PROMPT #1 Then-New York Times Public Editor, Arthur Brisbane, caused a stir in early 2012 when he asked if his newspaper should hold sources’ feet to the fire and validate the facts they … Read more