Write a research paper on whether sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, or ethnicity come into play.

Words: 355
Pages: 2
Subject: Do My assignment

Worth 6pts
1 pt
1 pt
-The Birth
1 pt
Infancy (0-1)
Provide parent(s)’ background –socioeconomic, geographic, historical, genetic,
social, exploring several of the parents’ life areas that may impact the future life
of the baby.
~The new parents’ relationship dynamics? Are they a couple? Happy? Planned
~Their parents’ relationship dynamics (the grandparents) with each other and with
their children who are now future parents.
~What year is it? What is going on socially, politically? Where are they
geographically? Anything else notable you should or want to include?
~Does sexual orientation, gender, race, religion or ethnicity come into play? How?
Explain the prenatal environment:
~What did the parent(s) do during this time that may influence development
~Any other potential environmental influences? People, places, events?
~Address all possible domains of development at risk or benefit of influence as a
result (physical, cognitive, emotional, psychosocial).
~Describe birth process, from labor to post delivery.
~What is going on emotionally and anatomically?
~Parent choices, complications, medical interventions etc.
Describe the infancy stage of development. Provide highlights of developmental
milestones physically, cognitively and emotionally/psychosocially.

~At the end of the paper, define: socioeconomic status, culture, social clock,
‘nature/nurture’, domains of development: physical, cognitive, emotional,
psychosocial, growth, germinal stage, embryonic stage, fetal stage, teratogens.
Trimesters and list 2 notable events that occur at each), stages of labor & birth,
placenta, amniotic sac, vernix, lanugo, skin to skin, temperament in babies (list
the types and define), breastfeeding recommendations according to WHO, AMA,
CDC, and answer: why is spoiling an infant impossible?
3-4 pages (not including glossary/terms list), Include 2 sources

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