Identify a central theme for your report and avoid putting down trivial details of the trip.

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This report shall be an acid test of students’ understanding of the trip contents, key concepts in resource and environmental management for tourism, as well as ability to develop and consolidate new ideas arising from the trips. Please observe the following guidelines when writing the report.
Identify a central theme for your report and avoid putting down trivial details of the trip.

Give an appropriate title to each of your report, which should include an introduction, main body of text, conclusion, and references. Headings and sub-headings may help readers to follow the structure of your paper and the flow of your arguments.
3. For each report, the number of words shall be around 1500 words in English or 1200 words in Chinese, with an allowance of +/- 10%, excluding references, graphs, tables and figures.
4. Make sure you use the proper citation style – APA style (see Annex A in Blackboard). Refereed journal articles and books are preferred to on-line sources and the total number of references should not be fewer than 10.
5. Any use of ChatGPT should be mentioned. Field trip reports should be your own learning and understanding.
6. Be concise and proofread your report before submission to the teachers. Elaborate your ideas/arguments with sufficient examples, data, photos and justifications.
7. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited according to the University policy and regulations on honesty in academic work. Please complete and sign the honesty declaration form before submission to the teachers.

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