In this project, explore a theme, thread or question around objects and their value or significance or meaning.

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In this project, explore a theme, thread or question around objects and their value or significance or meaning.
This project aims to help you continue to develop your voice as a writer and to familiarize you with the practice of scholarship as conversation. You will compose an essay that engages with and draws on assigned texts. You will get practice quoting, summarizing or paraphrasing other writers’ ideas accurately and ethically and deciding how you want to build on and respond to these ideas with your own.
The focus of the “conversation” – the area of connection or discussion you find and are interested in developing in your essay around objects – will be up to you. You have the choice of keeping this project personal or centering your conversation around another person and their object(s).
For your project to be successful, it needs to:
Explore a theme, thread or question that you see present in multiple assigned texts about objects.
Represent the connections or relationships between the texts clearly (summarizing, synthesizing, paraphrasing, quoting).
Engage a minimum of three sources, one of which must be a source read in this unit.
Weave the academic with the personal and build on textual evidence with your own voice by using your thinking to connect, challenge, translate, expand, question, or develop ideas.
Practice using and citing sources accurately and ethically.
Imagine an audience for whom this conversation will be relevant and of interest and write to them making intentional choices in language, tone, and document design, including demonstrating an awareness of accessibility.
Have been thoughtfully revised and reflected on, in alignment with feedback and revision plan.

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