Compose a research paper outlining the definition of an indigenous engagement plan.

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Compose a research paper outlining the definition of an indigenous engagement plan.should go without saying that Indigenous and First Nations’ interests should figure prominently in your report, including benefits to them, consultation processes and relationship building. If you are working with a Nation or community, you must also consider how this project will impact the community as a whole and how the community must be consulted. This is your opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of the interests of the specific Indigenous population you are proposing to work with. In all instances, the initiative will include significant or exclusive Indigenous leadership.
You are encouraged to choose a project that reflects your chosen specialization. You must do enough research to gain an understanding of existing similar projects so that you are not creating a redundancy. Your idea should have a degree of complexity to it, more than a simple client transaction or marketing plan. YOU MUST CONFIRM YOUR IDEA WITH YOUR INSTRUCTOR BEFORE PROCEEDING.
Some possible projects are shown below but they are just a small sample, there are an infinite number of things you could propose. With a little help from your instructor, you should be able to come up with an idea that is interesting and even exciting to you.

1) A project to be developed and delivered by a Nation, or Nation owned economic development corporation, or group of Nations or group of businesses
Here you will outline a proposal for an opportunity developed, led and operated by a Nation, or Nation owned economic development corporation, and your role is as an employee working directly for this Nation/community. Most Nations, or sometimes a group of Nations sometimes under the title of a Tribal Council, have formed a business organization called an economic development corporation, that typically owns a number of businesses that provide revenue, jobs and services for the Nation. The corporation is owned by the Nation(s), and has a board of directors usually with a number of people from the Nation, as well as local business people. If you are in real estate, a good example is MST-DC.
Possible projects:
Create a jobs scheme for young and/or low skilled workers. Start with an informal audit of all the jobs the Nation has management over, then consider the employment rates and develop an employment plan.
If you are in accounting or finance you could outline the role and responsibilities of the CFO including budgeting, communications and how this role is different because it is for an Indigenous community. You’ll benefit from reading the published financial statements.
Develop a new initiative for an existing Indigenous run animation studio or Indigenous run music label.
Propose a real estate development and identify a potential external development firm as a partner.

2) Industry Association or similar
There are many Indigenous business focused agencies for which you could generate an internal proposal or with which you could propose a collaboration. These include but are not limited to:
The First Nations Financial Management Board (FNMB)
COMM 390: Business Communications
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Tale’awtxw Aboriginal Capital Corporation
NOTOA (for developing investment trusts)
First Nations Business Development Association
Indigenous Economic Development Resources Province of BC
First Nations Technology Council
Aboriginal Tourism Association of British Columbia
Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week
Indigenous Fashion Arts
Indigenous Film Festival (there are many)
The National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association (NACCA)
First Nations Bank of Canada

If one doesn’t exist, you could create an industry association or other business supporting entity. There are many Indigenous owned businesses that might benefit from the creation of an industry association that provides services to members such as procurement, distribution, production, marketing, e-commerce or possibly all of these.
Possible projects:
Food processing and distribution collective
Street wear/hip hop collective for shared procurement, production, distribution and/or marketing
Create a fashion council to provide production, online retail and/or marketing support for young designers Perhaps modelled on BCFN Forestry Council
Possibly in partnership with or support from VIFW

3) An Indigenous led partnership with another entity such as a corporation
Identify and develop an opportunity for a largely non-Indigenous organization to engage with First Nations in BC, primarily for the purposes of good business development. Your proposal will focus on the relationship with the Indigenous entity. (Previous versions of this assignment allowed a more non-Indigenous focus but it is no longer appropriate.
Do not assume you need to limit yourself to one Nation, while this might be best, it may also be more appropriate to focus regionally, nationally, or with a particular segment or business. IT MAY BE MOST APPROPRIATE NOT TO IDENTIFY A SPECIFIC NATION BUT RATHER TO SEEK A NATION THAT MEETS YOUR CRITERIA, HAS A NEED FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY AND THE CAPACITY TO ENGAGE IN IT. This organization does not need to be the one you chose for your portfolio organization but it can be. If it doesn’t fit or make sense, you must choose a different organization. Consider your organization’s brand and strategy to see if a collaboration would make sense. For instance, it does not fit for Lululemon, Arcteryx, Aritzia or Herschel, and you may not choose these organizations for this assignment. Your idea must be demonstrably different from what the company is already doing.
It’s important the proposal be a good fit for both parties, the corporation and the First Nation. COMM 390: Business Communications
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Consider how the partnership will be structured. The proposed project should be Indigenous led, with the other partner in a management, administrative or financing role, but with the Indigenous partner having final decision making or veto abilities. Be sure that your proposal respects the power and integrity in Indigenous peoples and cultures and reflects the tenet, “Nothing about us without us.” This balance of control must be expressed clearly in your proposal. Assume the Nation has approached you first with some interest in a collaboration; you are unlikely to approach them without a proper introduction, or a “cold call” since most Nations are currently overwhelmed with outside interest, far more than they could reasonably engage with.
Your proposal will probably reflect the Seventh Generation Principle which says that “the decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future” (ICTINC, 2020). Indigenous corporations have many and varied responsibilities to their communities and are not always driven solely by profit.
Understand that these collaborations make good business sense and are usually done to make money. A good partnership can be an act of Reconciliation (see below), and sometimes this is the primary impetus for initiating a project. Generally, avoid pro bono work and creating non-profit societies since we are focused on opportunities rather than charity, and doing so could come across as colonial or paternalistic.
Possible projects:
• Pension funds have recently been investing in First Nations projects. Research what has been done and develop a similar investment plan.
Partner with an Indigenous run animation studio (find out what already exists)
Partner with an Indigenous run music label (find out what already exists)
Develop the market for Nations as corporate clients (especially accounting/bookkeeping or banking) (find out what already exists)
Create a joint venture for a project on First Nations land or using First Nations controlled resources (e.g. real estate development)

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