Choose the social media channel that best fits your campaign, and write social media messages for those channels.

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Pages: 2
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This assignment must be written in APA 7th Edition
Make sure that you use proper grammar, word choice, syntax (arrangement of words to create well-formed sentences), and writing mechanics (capitalization, punctuation, and spelling).
I will include first draft which goes with this assignment
About this Assignment:
Internet and social media kit:
Write 1 blog (500 words) and create 3 social media posts based on best practices and campaign’s key messages and strategic plan.
Choose the social media channel that best fits your campaign, and write social media messages for those channels.
Use bullets to tell us the name of your campaign, goal, and who your target audience is at the top of the assignment.
Be sure to let us know the social media channel above each post. For example: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and so on.
Explain how you will build an audience for your blog.
Use photos, videos, hashtags where appropriate, provide links, etc. Create mock-ups using Ad Parlor, Media Modifier and/or create graphics using Canva. The mock-up generators create the posts as “ads”, but provide a visual, interactive representation for your posts. In PR, you would use your organization’s social media handle to inspire conversation and relationship building with your audience.
Special Note:
Incorporate the instructor’s feedback in your final draft.
Your blog demonstrates your understanding of PR and marketing best practices, and your social media posts offer much of the same savvy information. Your blog is well-written, and you clearly demonstrate your understanding of Instagram’s strengths and KPIs. I was a bit confused, though: The assignment asked for a strategy summary, and at first, I thought your blog post was that. How does the blog post align with your segmented audiences that you identified for this campaign? Be sure to add the strategy summary for this assignment. You do use thought leadership writing structure and formatting, and you include SEO hyperlinks, bolded sub-headings, and a clear and specific title. Good job on that. Be sure to align your voice. You use “I” a few times. If you want to keep the blog in first person (which is a good strategy), I recommend adding an author by-line with a phrase or a sentence or two with their background.

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