What role does work engagement play in mediating the relationship between empowering leadership and employee innovative behavior?

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Scholarly Journal Article Summary Report – PART 2
Your manager has approached you about updating the department on the latest research. (Consider your department and its functions your area of academic interest: marketing, sports events, and tourism marketing, hospitality management, management, entrepreneurship, real estate, finance, accounting, international business, business analytics, management information technology, or retail merchandising and management.)
Your manager wants to make sure the department is abreast of the latest empirical findings that could have implications on your organization and your clients.
1. Create a PowerPoint presentation that you will present to your manager and colleagues in 5 minutes.
2. Organize your presentation in the same way you organized your memo. You will likely have the following slides:
– Title
– Agenda for the presentation
– Overview
– Key Research Questions or Hypotheses
– Methodology
– Statistical Techniques
– Results
– Conclusions
– Limitations
– Applications
– Questions
Make sure you:
– Use a title slide with your name and the date.
– Limit the use of text. Slides should not be text-heavy and hard to read.
– Include a chart, graph, table, or figure used in the original research article and explain it clearly.
– If you’re not done in 5 minutes, I’ll have to stop you, which will affect your final grade. Why? Businesspeople are busy. They always have another meeting to attend. How do you make sure you’ll end on time? Practice.
You will present in class on the date specified by your instructor.
Summary of Scholarly Article: “Linking empowering leadership to employee innovation: The mediating role of work engagement”

I am writing to provide you with a summary of a scholarly article titled “Linking Empowering Leadership to Employee Innovation: The Mediating Role of Work Engagement” by Guixian Tian and Zhuo Zhang. It was published in the Social Behavior and Personality Journal. In the article, the author considers the type of leadership that empowers, employee work engagement, and employee innovative behavior, paying attention to the role of employee work engagement as a mediator.

Overview: The article tests the impact of leadership that is empowering people’s innovative behavior, investigating the mediating role of work engagement. Innovation may be a key factor in the competitive environment of business nowadays which makes for the sustainable growth of the organization. It is crucial to recognize what drives employees to be innovative, hence managers and leaders need to know these elements. The leadership strategy of empowerment, which has gained more and more importance in organizational behavior research in recent years, also plays a role. This form of leadership, involving the establishment of a favorable culture and the distribution of power and autonomy among the subordinates has been believed to positively influence employee innovation. While empowering leadership shows a positive influence on innovation behavior, further studies should explore the process of how this happens. The researchers carried out 318 employees and supervisors in China who were used as study subjects to examine the results using structural equation modeling techniques.

Key Questions: For a better understanding of this research gap, Guixian Tian and Zhuo Zhang hypothesized that empowering leadership styles has an effect on the employee’s innovative behavior. The authors were hoping to answer the following questions:
How does empowering leadership influence employee innovative behavior?
What role does work engagement play in mediating the relationship between empowering leadership and employee innovative behavior?

Methodology: Data was collected from 318 employees and together with their supervisors in China. The surveys were distributed among supervisors and subordinate pairs. Structural equation modeling was conducted to analyze the data. Using structural equation modeling, the researchers confirmed their findings and explored the ability of empowered leadership to impact processes of creative behavior among employees. The researchers applied structural equation modeling to check the facts as well as test their theories.
Statistical Techniques: The presented structural equation modeling examined the interrelations among employee’s innovative activities, job satisfaction, and enabling leadership. The researchers used confirmatory factor analysis to determine the model’s validity.
Results: The research discovered that engaging leadership behaviors tended to induce creative employee behavior. The strength of employee engagement at work, which is represented by the lie partial mediation between empowering leadership and creation behavior, is mediated in this case by employee engagement as work engagement.

Conclusions: It was found that the active mentality of employees has a positive relationship with empowering leadership, which is mainly mediated by engagement in work. The findings reinforce the fact that leaders have to focus on behaviors that may capacitate their subordinates to participate meaningfully and generate new ideas in the workplace. This research reaffirms the importance of raising employee engagement at work and empowering leadership behaviors so that creativity can extend to organizations via their mediating function.

Limitations: The study had some limitations which include reliance on self-reported data and the specific cultural context of China, which may limit generalizability.

Applications: The above research brings forth the fact that leadership, which is responsible for the empowerment of employees, aids in their creativity and provides essential recommendations for organizations. Organizations may design strategies to induce these behaviors, and they will act as enablers by identifying the significance of promoting empowered leadership and work engagement in facilitating invention.

Reference: Tian, G., & Zhang, Z. (2020). Linking empowering leadership to employee innovation: The mediating role of work engagement. Social Behavior and Personality: An international journal, 48(10), e9320.
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