Draw out what you think the main point of the passage is. Allude to this point in the title of your paper.

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Exegetical paper. For this paper choose one passage within the books of Esther.
This paper will help you gain important exegetical skills that will prove invaluable whenever you teach from the Bible. a)Writing suggestions: i)Make an outline and follow it. An outline with 6-10 main points should suffice. Each point could become a paragraph. Include your outline at the beginning. ii) Use topic sentences for your paragraphs. The first sentence typically explains the main point of the paragraph. The following sentences support the topic sentence. iii)Avoid“I think”, “I feel”, and “I believe”, but rather state what you think without qualifiers. A bad example: “In my opinion, I think it is best to avoid “I think”, “I feel”, “I believe”, since I believe you should state what you think without qualifiers.” iv)Avoid“weasel words”. See this Wikipedia article.

v)Limit yourself to one exclamation point and one usage of the word “very” per essay! For some of you, this will be very painful, but in this case, pain is very good!

vi) Don’t use contractions (e.g., isn’t, can’t, I’d, don’t, I’ll), but within parenthetical comments, I’ll allow you to use e.g. (= for example) and i.e. (= that is). b)Guidelines for an exegetical paper: i)Give your paper a creative title and include your passage in parentheses at the end. ii) Start by explaining what the passage is and why it is significant. iii) Analyze the structure of the passage. How does it fit together? How does it flow?

iv) Explain how your text fits into the context (before, after, the entire book).

v)Focus on the text. Note repeated words/themes, observations, and questions from your study of the text. Frequently refer to the passage and always cite specific references.

vi) Draw out what you think the main point of the passage is. Allude to this point in the title of your paper.

vii) Tell the reader where you are going. In your introduction explain your plan or outline. This does not need to be formulaic, but clarify the flow and direction of your paper.

viii)Utilize at least 4-7 commentaries from p. 2 of the syllabus, and other references in a critical manner (study Bibles don’t count). Include your opinion and evaluate the views of scholars.

Show why you agree or disagree. Although a statement like “I think Mays is correct…” is evaluative, it can be improved: “Mays’ theory of X is compelling because of Y and Z”. Give reasons to support your arguments. ix) Use the least article from DOTX. Here’s a sample bibliography entry: (1)Hess, R. S., “Adam.” Pages 18-21 in Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch. Edited by T. Desmond Alexander, and David W. Baker. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2003.x)Useat least1 academic article

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