Thinking about the “Teaching Self and Attending to Students’ Needs. What Will You Do and Why?

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Thinking about the “Teaching Self and Attending to Students’ Needs. What Will You Do and Why?
• This project provides you an individual opportunity to go deeper and use research on critical race theory, cultural competency and other data that speak to the impact of a teacher’s disposition on the learning outcome of all students, especially urban learners.
• Tell in this titled paper: “Why I Will Be an Effective Urban Teacher?”
• Your task is to outline what you know about yourself, goals, teaching style, areas of growth you plan to seek and how you will use that knowledge to “attend” to the learning needs of urban learners.
• Outline one strength that you bring as an urban educator and an area that you want

• to develop order to meet the needs of your urban students.
• What do you need for continued professional growth? What will you seek? What problem do you want to solve?
• Include comments from the required Interview summary. (Reminder: Interview is due at the time as a separate write up that supports your professional goal of becoming a licensed urban teacher.
• Use Chapter 6 from Why Race/Culture Matter …to support your paper.
• Still write a final summary of the chapter to submit.
• 2-3 pages maximum
• Use key points from your interview.
Key points from the overview link:

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