External Drivers: Analyze the main external factors influencing the industry.

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Subject: Business

Part 1 of Final Project—Industrial Analysis Report
For your final report, assume the role of a financial
analyst tasked with preparing an analysis report for a firm you advise your
client to invest in. Begin by conducting an industrial analysis before delving
into the firm-level analysis.
Thus, the first part of your final project should
focus on crafting an industrial analysis report for the recommended firm (the firm-level analysis to be conducted
in Part 2).
1. Part 1 report must be at least 3 pages long
(excluding the title page) using Times New Roman font, size 12, and 1.5-line
2. The report should address, but not be limited to,
the following questions:
1. Industry Overview: Provide
insights into the current market size and historical performance of the
2. Market Segmentation:
Identify the primary segments within the industry.
3. Key
External Drivers: Analyze the main external factors influencing the industry.
Competitive Environment Overview: Assess the major players in the industry and
determine if there are high barriers to entry.
5. Major
Regulation Risks: Highlight significant regulatory risks affecting the
Opportunities and Threats: Explore potential opportunities and threats within
the industry.
Conclusion: Present your overall assessment and conclusion.
of numbers, figures, and tables is encouraged as they are commonly used in
industrial analysis and will enhance the report.
3. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Ensure
the originality of your work as the instructor retains the right to report any
instances of plagiarism to the Office of Community Standards, Rights, and

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