Analyze and compare two female protagonists in two novels, 1600 words max

Words: 332
Pages: 2
Subject: Literature

Write an essay of 1400-1600 words on the topic below. The essay should include a heading/title of your own making, a short introduction, as in an article, a body and a conclusion/summary (see mini-lecture for important details).

Support your claims by providing several quotes form the novels in focus. Remember to include page numbers and a reference list (*see quoting example below). This reference list** will only contain two books but is vital all the same. Do not use outside sources as there is no room in the essay for this. However, it is recommended that you refer to some information from one of the lectures in the introduction of the essay to provide a brief connection point and to make the paper appear more like an article than an assignment. Furthermore, you should aim for formal vocabulary/Academic English throughout.

Note that this essay must be your own product, written in your own words.

Analyze and compare the two main female protagonists Anna in Manhattan Beach and Nadia in Exit West. What are the main characteristics that emerge and how (direct and/or direct characterization) are these characteristics conveyed to us? How do Anna and Nadia differ from one another and what do they have in common? What is important to them? Do they appear to challenge social conventions in any way? If so, how? You should provide a quote to support each major claim that you make. Try to weave back and forth between the novels for a cohesive and interesting text.

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