Write a research paper about how you should introduce yourself in a personal statement.

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Write a research paper about how you should introduce yourself in a personal statement.Select a scholarship, internship, job opening or other opportunities for which you may want to apply–now, or in the future.
1) Research the organization, the organization’s overall objectives, and who is eligible for the opportunity (and the selection criteria/requirements).
2)Then write a one-page (single-spaced) application essay (also known as a personal statement), that provides the following information:
A. Lead / Introduction Paragraph
This should be one paragraph that includes:
A brief description of the opportunity for which you are applying
A brief statement that your background / interests / accomplishments align well with the objectives of the organization to which you are applying and will enable you to contribute in a very meaningful way to the goals/issues that the organization considers important
B. Body
Begin with important facts about yourself or summarize key strengths
Tell your story…
Provide details about your life experiences and education that show how you:

came to be motivated to pursue the type of opportunity for which you are applying
and then how you came to be prepared for the opportunity
C. Conclusion
Briefly restate strong points you want the committee to remember
Do not say ‘in conclusion’
Show how you will capitalize on this opportunity not just to help yourself, but to help achieve some greater good that is important to the organization

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