Discuss the function of rituals in Confucianism and/or Daoism.

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Discussions comes primarily from your demonstrated engagement with the assigned course materials. There is no minimum word count, but your initial posts should be substantial and show that you are reading and understanding this material. There are no points awarded for outside sources. There are heavy point deductions for use of lower-tier sources. In your initial post, you must discuss at least 2 specific passages from the week’s assigned course materials. Although the discussions are not formal assignments, you must tell us, at the point of use, what sources you are using so that your classmates and the instructor can follow your argument and retrace your steps.
After making your initial post, please respond to 3 classmates and the instructor. The follow up question and your peer posts may be on any aspect of the course materials for this unit. These posts do not need to be as substantial as the initial post but should still be full answers, with substance.
Prompt: Discuss the function of rituals in Confucianism and/or Daoism.

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