Write a research paper outlining how Cisneros uses Esperana’s writing to help her become independent and realise her desire of getting off Mango Street.

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Write a research paper outlining how Cisneros uses Esperana’s writing to help her become independent and realise her desire of getting off Mango Street.The House On a Mango Street. Please read this short novel in order for this Essay! PLEASE FOR EVERY POINT INCLUDED, GIVE AN ILLUSTRATION! INCLUDE EVIDENCE, PAGE NUMBERS FROM THE NOVEL. Don′t forget to 1) use transitions between paragraphs, 2) incorporate quotes using MLA format, 3) use PIE, 4) introduce primary and secondary material using sentences that answer the following questions: Who writes or says this? Where is this said in the text? Where does this passage come from? Why should the reader consider this quote? How is this quote being used to illustrate the central theme? Specifications: This is an in-class paper. It should have an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The paper may be longer. Bring an outline that includes your work cited. Use a quote from Cisneros′ introduction in your introduction or support one of your paragraphs. You may do so if you wish to have a body paragraph or create a point of support using Cisneros′ father, mother, or her. Topics for exploration: (These may be made more specific and refined.) 1. How does Cisneros explore Esperana′s writing as a means toward independence and fulfilling her dreams of leaving Mango Street? Why does Esperanza write? Explore how she gives voice to others, asserts her independence, and finds a way to escape Mango Street. 2. Gender: How does Esperanza challenge traditional gender expectations for her culture? Explore three models in three different paragraphs of how Esperanza learns from the other women on Mango Street what not to do. Think about her mother, the window watchers, Alica, Sally, and Marin. Pick three models and explore how traditions prevent these women from leaving Mango. In the conclusion, summarize what Esperanza learns about sexuality and traditional notions of femininity relating to leaving Mango Street or becoming independent. 3. How are the teenage girls and Esperanza exploited sexually? Explore Sally, Marin, and Esperanza in three paragraphs. Why do you think Cisneros explores this theme as it relates to Experanza′s desire to assert independence? Are Sally and Marin held back or prevented from leaving Mango when they use their sexuality? What does Esperanza learn about her sexuality and leaving Mango? 4. Gender Men: Examine any three male characters. How do their roles in the book limit them? Are they unfairly stereotyped, and how so? Are these men limited like the women? Are these men affected by poverty and powerlessness? Do they resort to violent, controlling behavior or attempts to assert themselves over women? 5. Cisneros writes about the immigrant experience. How are Immigrants affected by poverty, poor education, and violence or neglect? Find three model characters and explore why and how they are being represented. Limit this topic focusing on men, women, or children. A)Boys: How do Angel, Darius, who sees Clouds, and Sire suffer from neglect, poverty, or their own sense of hyper-masculinity and violent nature? B) Men: How are men seen or not seen by society? Are they given the respect they deserve, or are they treated as if they are invisible? Let′s write a paper that explores the three ways immigrant men are seen or not seen. You might formulate this thesis around the themes of oppression and racism. C) Women or girls: How are immigrant women and girls seen? Are they given equal status to men? In what ways are their struggles different, according to Esperanza? 6. Fathers and daughters fight against traditional expectations. Explore the ways in which Esperanza′s father supports her desire for independence and contributes to her dream of leaving Mango Street. Consider a paragraph that compares what Cisneros says about her own father and his relationships to her dreams. How do other fathers hinder their daughters or hold them back? This is a compare and contrast essay. Exam Esperanza and her father vs. Cisneros and her father or Esperanza and her father vs. Sally and her father. 7. As an extension of exploring the female immigrant experience, examine Experanza′s grandmother, mother, and Esperanza in relationship to achieving independence and accomplishing their dreams.

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