Describe signs/symptoms, client statements, lab work, or assessment findings you would recognize as specific to a client with this disease process.

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Create a PowerPoint presentation reflective of a comprehensive teaching plan for a client newly diagnosed with preeclampsia.
This week you will build on your previous research and simulation experience to now care for a client newly diagnosed with preeclampsia. Research, design, and submit a ‘Client Teaching Assignment’ PowerPoint presentation for client Amy based on the scenario and guidelines below. This assignment should also follow 7th edition APA guidelines including in-text citations and references.
Amy is a healthy 28-year-old female, Gravida 2 Para 1001, who presents to the provider’s office at 33 weeks gestation complaining of a 3-day history of severe headaches and blurry vision. She reports normal fetal movement. Vital signs were assessed with BP measuring 160/100. Examination reveals a soft non-tender abdomen, 2+ DTRs, and absent clonus. Urinalysis shows 2+ proteinuria. Amy’s provider diagnoses her with preeclampsia and admits her to the hospital’s high-risk antepartum unit for further testing, fetal surveillance, and expectant management.
Assignment Instructions:
Conduct thorough research to support your content and findings.
Ensure your information is presented clearly on the slides.
Speaker’s notes should elaborate on the key points mentioned in the slides.
Submit 10-15 PowerPoint slides including speaker notes.
Slides should include the following:

Title page
Pathophysiology: Provide an overview of the pathophysiology of preeclampsia.
Recognize Cues: Describe signs/symptoms, client statements, lab work, or assessment findings you would recognize as specific to a client with this disease process.
Generate Solutions: List at least 3 SMART goals for this client. At least one goal should be short-term; at least one goal should be long-term.
Take Actions: What nursing interventions would you implement for Amy? At a minimum, include the following topics with the rationale for each intervention.
Expectant management or serial assessments and testing
Pharmacology management (include at minimum labetalol, hydralazine, betamethasone, magnesium sulfate, and calcium gluconate)
Describe each medication use, desired effects, and adverse reactions. Are any pre-assessment required before administering each medication?
Activity level
Evaluate Outcomes: What signs will point to improving, declining, and unchanged status?
Reference slide
Slide Content
Key points: Utilize concise phrases (maximum 8 words, 5 lines) on each slide.
Visual Aids: Incorporate graphs, images, or diagrams to enhance understanding and engagement.

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