Describe notable educational policies and contemporary educational challenges.

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Select a country and describe the important features of the educational system. Describe the structure of the system: What levels of schooling? What levels are free? Who goes to school? Who does not? Does the system include high stakes exams? Is the system more decentralized or centralized? Can you share some key educational statistics? (enrollment? performance?)? What are significant features of the historical and culture context influencing education in the selected country? Describe notable educational policies and contemporary educational challenges.

Include at least one visual display. The display should communicate information and be discussed/referenced in your paper.

Your paper should be 4-6 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman font. Please use page numbers.

paper structure:
1. short introduction paragraph
2. country overview with some background
3. describe several of the areas listed below (choose 2 or 3):
-educational outcomes and achievements
-educational structure
-teacher training and qualification
-educational funding and budget
-higher education and vocational training
4. educational policy: describe an influential past or current educational policy. explain why it is important, any implementation challenges, and policy-related outcomes.
5. current challenges and future direction: discuss any current issues facing the education system and outline potential directions that are being considered.

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