Interpersonal Functioning in the course of Schizophrenic Disorders.

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How does the Interpersonal Functioning in the course of Schizophrenic Disorders look like:
· Positive Interpersonal Relationships & Negative Interpersonal Relationships
· Relationship with the Family Members
· Spousal (Marital) Relationship
· Relationship with Support organizations and society
· Relationship with working colleagues
· Relationship with Mental Health Providers
The Strengthening of the Interpersonal Functioning in the course of Schizophrenic Disorder:
It is possible to see schizophrenia as a vicious cycle brought on by introversion, isolation, and divergent thinking. One intervention that can help people with schizophrenia cope with stigma is social skills training. With the right information about how to disclose their condition to new acquaintances, they may be able to show that they are socially conscious of how other people perceive their illness. People with schizophrenia may be more adept at interacting in the physical world if they have a limited grasp of the role that stigma plays in their relationships with others.

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