Assess your ability to analyze an important microeconomic topic in a systematic manner.

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Subject: Economics, Finance and Investment

Micro economics research paper

The goal of the course paper is to assess your ability to analyze an important microeconomic topic in a systematic manner. Your paper should be at least eight pages long, double-spaced, not including title page and references.
The course paper is an essential part of this course. The complete paper is due on midnight Sunday, March 24th. The course paper should be at least 8 pages in length (not including title page and references) and must have a good title which is self-explanatory. Your paper should have five sections: Introduction and Objective, Literature Review, Analysis, Conclusion and


First, select any firm from the list below:
Amazon, Boeing, Costco, Facebook, Gillette, Hachette, J.C. Penney, McDonalds, Priceline, Schick, Virgin Atlantic, and Wal-Mart. These firms are mentioned in your textbook as business cases, so you can read those sections to get some motivation for your paper. Additionally, explore other resources including help from NU Library in “building” your paper.
Next, specify your objective clearly. The objective of your paper is related to the research question you will be investigating and may include:
The main characteristics of Demand and Supply of the firm
The main characteristics of the market structure of the firm
The strategy the firm adopted to maximize profit
Note: You are analyzing some microeconomic aspects of a particular firm. There may be other aspects of this firm you are interested in investigation. If so, state that in your objective.

Your paper should be based on data available in secondary sources and emphasize quality rather than quantity. Its structure should contain five sections: Introduction and objective, Review of Literature, Economic Analysis; and Summary and Conclusion and References. Start building the paper from Week One as detailed below:
a). The introduction and objective should be about one page long. In this section, specify the objective as clearly as possible. It should set the relevance of the topic and finish with the main question or questions you want to answer in this paper. The introduction must also state your main argument, idea, or hypothesis of your paper.
b). Review of Literature. In this section, review several studies similar to what you are writing on. Make sure to give proper credit to each author(s) whose work you are quoting. Use the APA guidelines in referencing each article, book, journal, or the Internet source. In the final paragraph or paragraphs of this section, explain how your paper will contribute to the body of knowledge. This section should be about 2 pages long.

c). The Economic Analysis section should be about 2 pages long. In this section you should present the empirical evidence, explain how you will analyze the issues you have identified. Use of charts and graphs is highly recommended. Include terms like demand, supply, variable and fixed costs, marginal or incremental changes, marginal and average costs, price elasticity, income elasticity, profit maximization, normal profit, competitive markets, product differentiation, market structure, oligopoly, and other relevant terms.

Sd). The summary and conclusion should be directly related to the objective of your paper. This section should be about one page long and it should answer the questions introduced in the objective of the paper. Be sure there is a strong connection between the introduction and the conclusion. You can also expand on the implications of your answer and predict something about the future. The Final page or pages of your paper must contain the “Reference” section. The references must be drawn from the body of the paper and should include at least one scholarly article relevant to your paper, a relevant book (not a textbook) and several Internet references.

Short papers are nice pieces of art. Your paper will be evaluated on the clarity of objective, rational coherence, quality of argument and format, more specifically on the contribution to the body of knowledge on the main subject.
* If plagiarism is detected, your course paper grade is automatically 0. However, it may escalate to a more severe penalty. Refer to National University catalog for policy description on plagiarism.
– Use Times New Roman font size 11 or 12 for your paper.
– Use the following Uniform Resource Locator (url) for guidance on APA style:

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