Write a research paper on myths and facts about Arab Americans and stereotypes.

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THIS IS THE TOPIC:Write a research paper on myths and facts about Arab Americans and stereotypes.
Michigan is the home to the largest concentration of Americans from Arab descent. As a student and a future health care professional you have had many encounters with Arab Americans from different backgrounds and with different beliefs and possibly different religions.

You were asked to participate in a forum to be held in Chattanooga, TN titled “Integrating Arab Americans into the American Way of Life”. You were invited because unlike other panelists you are an Arab American or you have had contact with Arab Americans and you are considered an expert.

Prepare your talk as if you are presenting it at the forum. You need to address the following:
Religious backgrounds, beliefs and differences
Women’s role in the family and community
Myths and facts about Arab Americans and stereotypes.
Integration vs. assimilation
Your presentation needs to be informative and based on your encounters; research and other sources that you believe are relevant to make your point to those attending the forum.

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