Write a paper on whether the historical context offers pertinent details that effectively summarise the product’s development.

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For your technical description, you will provide a verbal and visual representation of an object. This object must be a specific brand product. It cannot be a generic product. For example: Nike Renew Run, but not Nike men’s. sneakers.
The written sections will include the following:
introduction discussing the use of the product (150-250 words);
historical background about the evolution of the product and or manufacturer (250-500 words);

Post your introduction and historical background section (see student sample)

Does the historical background provide relevant information that gives a good overview of the evolution of the product? If the historical background is focused on the company that produces the product (because there is limited information on the evolution of the product), is there enough information about the establishment of this company and its connection to the product? Consider what is done well and what can be improved. Is this section cited or are there at least placeholders inserted (citation) for the citations that will be added later?

3. All references must be taken from online sources and must include the web address.

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