Compose a research paper that reviews the 1982 Annie musical film.

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Compose a research paper that reviews the 1982 Annie musical film. Musical Movie review of the 1982 version of Annie.
MLA Headers (and Works Cited)
Flexible in its shape
Review should show Insight, Advice, Summary Model the review in the style of

Word Count: 750-1100 (does not include Works Cited)Use this for works cited
Hook: attention grabbing sentence
Conclusion: at least a few sentences summarizing what you feel about the film
At least 2 paragraphs of insights the production, making the film, why it was or wasn’t a success
At least 3 paragraphs of summary
At least 1 paragraphs of advice and reasoning like how many stars would you give it (5 stars) and tell the reader if they should see the movie or if they should wait for it to come out on Netflix or other streaming platforms
Needs to be precise

The actors names/characters
Inciting incident
Be vague
Rising actions not all of it some of it

No spoilers don’t give anything away
Don’t involve the resolution

Don’t include if there’s a *sequel* unless the story doesn’t have an ending don’t mention who survives who doesn’t don’t mention if the characters fall in love

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