Discuss the concept of secular stagnation and its implications.

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Note: you’re writing for a general audience, so explain the concepts as if you’re communicating to a freshman in college, with no background in economics.
Also, do not use direct quotes, and cite all of the sources you use in the format below.
Your assignment is to write a compact, carefully polished essays on “secular stagnation” in the U.S. economy. Use the outline below as a guide. Note that you are not required to address all the issues listed under the topic and there are certainly important things to explore that are not listed.
The slow recovery from the financial crisis
Discuss the concept of secular stagnation and its implications.
What data support the case for secular stagnation?
Take a stand on whether “secular stagnation” is an appropriate description of the US economy in the years between 2008 and 2019. Does the term apply in 2024?

Will the downward trend in rates continue after inflation is brought back down to 2%?
Are there demographic or technological trends that could contribute to or alleviate secular stagnation in coming decades?
What kind of policy responses does your analysis suggest? What role can monetary policy play? What about fiscal policy?
Use the sources provided in Canvas, and any additional sources that you find useful. The target length of the essay is 2000 words; use double space, Times New Roman 12-point font, and 1-inch margins.

How to Cite: Order the references in alphabetical order.
Stiglitz, J. “The Myth of Secular Stagnation.” Social Europe. September 2018.
Stiglitz, J. “Beyond Secular Stagnation.” Project Syndicate. September 2018.

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