What are the core academic questions that scholars are trying to answer?

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In this article, you will develop the skills you will use when writing the literature review section of your paper. This article mainly consists of two main components. Firstly, you will select two articles from the options below. You can choose any two of the following five articles. Read these articles and then write an article to examine their relationship. Are these scholars arguing? An article presents a challenge based on the findings of another article (if so, how to challenge it)? What are the core academic questions that scholars are trying to answer? What sources and methods did the author use to answer their questions? Second, on your own, you must find a third article that advances the scholarly conversation that you select from those listed below. As with the first two articles, you should examine and explain how the article you selected relates to the first two, the sources and methods its author(s) use to engage in the debate, and the ultimate resolution (if there is one). The best essays will develop a clear argument about the substance of the scholarly debate, which considers how the conversation has evolved over time. Students may also indicate questions that the scholarship (represented by their articles) leaves unresolved in order to highlight areas where further research is needed. And Writing format in file 2.

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