Describe the type of source (e.g., book, article, etc.), and then summarise the entire article or excerpt you used in your own words.

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Writing Journal 2 (WJ2) is an assignment divided into two tasks: an annotated bibliography and an essay outline. It represents 10% of the final grade.
Template: (IMPORTANT: Download the template to your computer. After completing it, save it as a PDF, and upload it to Forum. You must upload your work as a PDF. Any other format will not be graded, and the time taken to follow up and request a resubmission will be counted toward your extension allowances.)
Task 1: Prepare an annotated bibliography on three of the five sources for your Thesis-Driven Essay. The following information must be included in the annotation for each of the three sources:
Citation of source: Use the APA7 style to cite your source and format it accordingly (hanging indent, no bold, no underline). Link: Attach the URL or DOI links for the source. Your instructor may require you to provide the PDF document of the source cited, so make sure you have saved a copy on your PC.
Summary: Describe the type of source (e.g., book, article, etc.), and then summarise the entire article or excerpt you used in your own words. This can be done in 3-5 sentences, pointing out the main ideas, themes, and conclusion(s).
Assessment of #sourcequality: Analyse and explain why this source is credible. Comment on the strengths and weaknesses of the source, including a CRAAP analysis.
Finally, include an APA7 reference list of the sources you used to complete the CRAAP evaluation.
Task 2: Draft an outline for your Thesis-Driven Essay. The outline should include the following items for each body paragraph:
The topic sentence.
Remember to use linking words to indicate how it links to the previous paragraph.
Main ideas.
The evidence you are using (including quotations and source citations, and personal anecdotes).
Your outline must include a reference list (APA7) of at least five sources. If you need more guidance on creating an outline, please refer to this guide with examples:
Important notes:
Do not copy your sources without using quotations or citations.
AI tools are to be used as stated by your course instructor in the guidelines given in class.
Follow the academic conduct guidelines in your syllabus carefully. Any academic misconduct, such as plagiarism or AI misuse, may be officially reported to the college.

Write a clear declarative sentence that takes a firm position on the topic under consideration and serves to organize the rest of the work.
Organization: Effectively organize communications.
EvidenceBased: Identify and appropriately structure the information needed to support an argument effectively.
SourceQuality: Distinguish between categories and types of information to determine source quality.
Professionalism: Ensure that your communication follows established guidelines and use a careful editing process.

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