Write a research report that explains which APA format is the most recent.

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Write a research report that explains which APA format is the most recent.
Students are required to complete a Nutritional Analysis exercise. The student will conduct an analysis of a 24-hour period to include macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Information will be organized in a table format to include: food list for 24 hours, total nutritional value of each item, and recommended daily allowance, risks of deficiency, and recommended changes. Students will then need to write a paper reflecting on their intake of foods including cultural influences and plans to improve and or maintain good nutrition.
The paper must be typed with 1” margins, double spacing and a 12-point Times Roman font. The paper should also include a reference list. The American Psychological Association format must also be utilized for the paper. The paper should be between three and five pages in length (not including cover page, abstract, references, exhibits, etc.).
5:45AM: I woke up and made breakfast for my kids and got them ready for school and myself.

Breakfast: none I fasted until 12PM
7:30 AM out the door to drop kids to school and grocery shop at publix
9:15 returned home and begin to study
10:00 water break and netflix show 30 mins
10:30 returned to studies
12PM: watch netflix and prep meal for dinner for the family
Lunch 1245PM: i Went to target and got a Starbucks and ordered a Grande Nitro Cold Brew with Vanilla Sweet Cream Foam and a shot of espresso afterwards I did a little shopping in target
1:50PM: I Went to Chick fil A and purchased a 12 nuggets Large Meal paired polynesian sauce and ketchup for waffle fries along with Coke Zero for drink then returned home to finish dinner while binge watching shows on netflix
3:35PM-4:45PM: Gym( 273 calories burned on treadmill for one hour and 65 calories on stairmaster) then picked up kids
5:20PM arrived home helped with homework and bath time before dinner
6:30 my dinner: Fried Chicken Breast using vegtable oil season with garlic, onion, salt and pepper powder and squeeze of lemon juice pair with lite ceaser dressing for my salad along with a small Banana on the side and 2 Metamucil cookies and water
7:00PM finished dinner and fasted till next morning.
8:30 bedtime for kids while i studied
9:30 my bedtime

Please include chick fil data using website and metamucil cookies and banana are found online too.

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