Write a research report outlining the main statistical study subjects or areas.

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First, please ensure you make assignment decisions using the project guidelines in “Data Projects.” Complete both tables provided in this project. Review salaries across Texas online for your dream position. If you do not have one, pick something that sounds interesting to research. Select 15 different cities to research.
Complete the table and then respond to the five questions (do not forget to provide the questions with your response). Include a source to support (either the course textbook or another resource) your thoughts when responding to the question.
What are the salaries?
How many years of experience are required?
Company City Salary Experience

What is the average salary? [Round to 1 decimal place if needed]
What is the standard deviation? [Round to 1 decimal place if needed]
What are the average years of experience needed? [Round to 1 decimal place if needed]
What is the standard deviation for years of experience?
Write a paragraph explaining what the average and standard deviation mean in the context of the data. Include a source to support your explanation.
Complete the table below by picking five different salaries from your data and change the values into z-scores. [Round to two decimal places]
Salaries Z-Score

Write a paragraph explaining what the z-scores tell you about the salaries that you have chosen. Are any of them considered unusual for the industry? Very Unusual? Include a source to support your explanation.
Complete your assignment using word-processing software such as MS Word 365 (download free software at , LibreOffice (download free software at , or other per course requirements. Save your file as a .rtf file or .doc to ensure that it can be opened on any computer. Submit your assignment by selecting the title link, browsing, and attaching your saved file. Make sure to select SUBMIT. You may view your posting both on this page and under My Grades (available under Tools).

1. You are required to submit the project under the assignment links located in the Data Projects folder on the Course Menu. Also, please submit them as Microsoft Word and or documents (See Helpful resources in Data Projects for “Free Software” Micr0s0ft Office 365) as noted in the specific date project instructions. If you experience problems with attachments, let me know.

2. Please follow the proper format to include writing the questions, including tables (if applicable), and answering the questions.

3. Answer the questions completely, and use citations from the chapters of the text to support your work, your analysis of the case, and your experience/judgment. If a question has more than one part, ensure you answer all of it. A response should be multiple complete sentences.

4. Be sure to include at least one text citation in MLA format from the course textbook chapters to justify your opinion in response to the questions. You are welcome to include more than one. If you are unsure how to cite, please visit the helpful links below.

5. While this is not an English course, grammar/spelling/punctuation/etc. are important. Write in complete sentences and proofread your work. In the business/professional world, you are often judged by your correct use of the English language. Therefore, I take this into consideration when scoring your case studies. In that regard, don’t let your computer proofread for you. It will let you get away with “rout” when you mean “route”, “to” when you mean “too”, “manger” when you mean “manager”, etc. Be sure to capitalize “I” when referencing yourself.
6. Please ensure that you meet all assignment requirements as noted on the example “Rubric” under Data Projects.

7. My goal is to have projects evaluated and grades posted on Blackboard within a week after the due date.

8. This assignment is being checked by SafeAssign, a tool used to prevent plagiarism. All students are required and expected to maintain the highest standards of scholastic honesty in the preparation of all coursework and during examinations. More information can be found at .

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