Write a research paper on copyright, digital rights management, or DRM, or other intellectual assets that safeguard people and businesses who create goods and services.

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Requirements-students will research digital rights management or DRM, copyright or other intellectual properties that protect individuals and organizations that develop products and services. Students will explore three elements researching and correlating relevant information based upon these topics: Digital rights management-provide an example of how DRM protects movies from piracy or any other violations or intellectual property.Decompose and discuss copyrights associated with music. In terms of music, what is a catalog, discuss one music artist who owns their catalog. How long are these copy right protections in-effect?Explore corporate or international intellectual property piracy. Provide two examples of a corporate or international intellectual property theft.Summarize your three or more researched elements above then write a proposed solution that will address each issue, what is the rational of why your plan will improve the situation? Process-students will research the above requirements and report findings and summarize at the end of the paper with a proposed relevant solution. Students must show evidence of the proposed solution and its likelihood of working. This paper should include a minimum of 2-3 well developed paragraphs per researched topic using APA formatting-citing and referencing information from others.

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