Briefly describe the facts of the case leading up to Bennett being terminated.

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Using the case attached and at least two outside sources:

Please use this case for the essay:

1. Briefly describe the facts of the case leading up to Bennett being terminated.

While supporting facts are necessary for the story to flow, you should concentrate your efforts on the facts that are most important related to whether Bennett was retaliated against for protected First Amendment speech.

2. Using this case and at least two outside sources, thoroughly explain the balance between the public employee’s freedom of speech and the public employer’s right to require limits to that speech.
Explain what this case tells us about the public employee’s rights related to free speech.

3. Finally, this case mentions the due process rights HCC afforded Bennett. Using our readings, explain why public employees like Bennett are afforded due process, where that requirement comes from, and what is generally considered adequate due process.

Your paper should be double spaced with one 1” margins.
There is no minimum or maximum page count. Your grade will be based on how well you explain the concepts and not how long or short your paper is. A complete and concise addressing of the points is welcome.
Your reader should not need to be familiar with the case of have an advanced understanding of the law understand the principles you explain in your paper.

You should use the points to be addressed as headers in your paper.
Facts of the case
Balancing of First Amendment rights
What this case tells us
Due process for public employees

please no plagiarism of any kind.

feel free to use additional articles as references to support this paper. you must use the hyperlink found in the beginning of the article for all points.

please let me know if you have any questions.

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