What are the three social viewpoints on health and illness that should be covered in a research paper?

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What are the three social viewpoints on health and illness that should be covered in a research paper?

This section is where you explain your results. Make certain that the instructor can interpret that you, the student, understand the overall purpose of the experiment, what you did and how your results tie in or relate and what they mean.
Although a list of questions is provided below to guide you, the discussion and conclusion SHOULD NOT be a list of answered questions. This is simply given to help guide you in constructing your statement. Ultimately, it should be written in paragraph form (complete sentences that flow).
It should also be written in past tense and not contain the words I, my, we or our. Here is what you should address when writing your conclusion and discussion section.

What was the purpose of the experiment? This should include the overall purpose, and the technique or method of analysis used to accomplish that purpose.

What was done? In a few sentences, briefly explain the procedure used to accomplish the purpose. It may be assumed that the audience reading the conclusion understands the techniques used, thus many details regarding the procedure/technique used may be left out. Reactants should be properly identified and quantified, but volumes of solvents used are not necessary.

What happened? This section is the most important part of the conclusion: relevant data obtained in the experiment is stated and compared to stated literature values. Here, the numbers are the proof that the purpose was accomplished. Explain it, analyze it – show what you know, learned, and understand!

What does it mean? What conclusion can be drawn from the data obtained and stated? Was the purpose accomplished?

Any experiment specific topics that need to be addressed. Most lab experiment write ups will also include a list of required topics, information, and conceptual questions to include. Be sure to include the information and address any questions posed in your discussion section in addition to the other information.

QUESTION 1- Discuss the results of the carboxylic acid test. Does this result agree or disagree with what is expected? Be sure to explain how and why you are coming to this conclusion. What gas is the bubbling in the carboxylic acid test due to? How do you know?

QUESTION 2- Clearly assign/label all the relevant proton signals in the 1H NMR to the protons in the
product. It is not necessary to assign every single proton, but you should be able to
assign peaks that correspond to protons that stand out well from each other. The
labeled spectra should be printed and attached to your lab report.

QUESTION 3- Interpret and annotate the IR spectrum of the product and compare it to the IR
spectrum of E,E-2,4-hexadien-1-ol and maleic anhydride. Each should be clearly labeled
and attached to your lab report. Then discuss how the comparison of the product and
reactant IR confirm product formation.

QUESTION 4- Do the results of the 1H NMR, IR, and carboxylic acid test agree? Discuss why or why not, providing evidence from each spectrum.

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