What is the preferred communication mode for this situation?

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Guidelines for Leadership and Management Case Study #1
Refer to the scenario described in the Marquis and Huston (2019) text, pp. 485, Learning Exercise 18.10, Downsizing Panic and Anxiety. Read the scenario in Learning Exercise 18.10.
Assume you are the chief nursing administrator in this scenario. Submit answers to the following four questions associated with the scenario described in Learning Exercise 18.10. Review the Considerations section below for additional guidelines.
1. Why is it important for leaders at every level of the organization to have a consistent message about this situation?
2. What is the preferred communication mode for this situation? Support your answer with evidence.
3. Using the SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation, Marquis and Huston pp. 500-501) Communication Tool, create the actual message you will share with direct care nurses about this situation.
You are aware that a budget cut of this nature will invariably create conflict and competition among the individuals that may potentially be impacted.
4. Briefly describe two (2) tactics you, as the chief nursing administrator in this scenario, will take to manage/resolve conflict among the individuals that may be potentially impacted in this situation. Give the rationale to support the two (2) tactics you identify.
Important Considerations:
• Case study submissions must be scholarly in nature, cite at least two sources of information relevant to the case study in the responses, and thoroughly address the questions. These references could include your text, another text you have used in other courses, journal articles, governmental agency reports, or relevant position papers.
• APA format is required for citing these references.

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