Consider Sam Kass’s video, “Want Kids to Learn Well? Feed Them Well.”

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For this Mind Map, you will consider Sam Kass’s video, “Want Kids to Learn Well? Feed Them Well.” Kass’s title will go in the center of the map. From there, choose four main points or ideas he shares in the video. Explain each main idea (use complete sentences).

With each main point, select a quote that supports your ideas (include time stamp!). Be sure to place your quote in quotation marks and to be accurate with wording.

For time stamps (which are similar to providing page numbers for quotes in print texts), click the ‘Read Transcriipt’ button at the TED Talks website, as shown in this week’s video. When you find the quote you believe helps support your choices in the map, click on the quote in the transcriipt and see what the time is when he says those words (and pay attention to the placement of punctuation, parenthesis, etc.). For example, from Finley’s video:

He states that he “got tired of driving 45 minutes roundtrip” to find an apple that didn’t contain pesticides (Finley 01:50).

Consider using the templates or visiting Canva or MindMup to create your own.

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