“Mark Twain is quoted as saying “History does not repeat itself but it often rhymes”. Discuss what you think are common attributes across speculative bubbles.

Assignment Question

You have to do an essay of 2700 words answering this question: “Mark Twain is quoted as saying “History does not repeat itself but it often rhymes”. Discuss what you think are common attributes across speculative bubbles. Your response should address whether you consider that a financial crisis of the immensity of the one in 2007–2008 will happen again.” It is very important that the argument is relevant to the question, critical, and clearly structured. Indeed the structure MUST appear at the end of the introduction as (Firstly…, Secondly… etc…) It is ESSENTIAL that ALL of your arguments that answer critically and clearly the question RELY on a) the DOCUMENTS (you can reference as ej: document 2, p.x or document 6, p.x), b) ON THE BOOK “A SHORT HISTORY OF FINANCIAL EUPHORIA BY GALBRAITH” AND c) THE PAPERS I UPLOADED (some have the number correspondent to the number of the document (the sources of document 2 has the number 2 at the beginning of the name). You must use more papers either from the FT, The Economist or any other sources you find interesting. THE MINIMUM NUMBER OF SOURCES YOU CAN USE IS 20 (apart from the documents and the book that I don’t count in these 20). It is ESSENTIAL that you show in the essay that you draw arguments thanks to the RESSOURCES NOTED ABOVE. Remember the referencing style is APA 7. However it is ESSENTIAL you don’t anchor your answer to only being descriiptive, therefore you MUST be critical and go beyond a simple descriiptive statement, remember to always relate the critical argument to critically answering the question, make sure you include how it is adding to my answer.

You MUST express an EDUCATED OPINION when answering the question and drawing your argument. Refer to your opinions in the first person. However, DON’T do emotive paragraphs. Besides you MUST draw EXAMPLES for exemplifying your arguments. Besides, you have to do a Reflective Paper of 750 words. The purpose of this reflection is to set out and summarise the process that you underwent in constructing the essay. For this YOU MUST INCLUDE, AND ANSWER IT IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER answering each of the questions: why you think the essay question is worth discussing it how you constructed the essay and, in particular, how you connected the essay topic to the book “A SHORT HISTORY OF FINANCIAL EUPHORIA BY GALBRAITH” (which you need to identify in this), the documents and the other readings which parts of the documents resonated with you and which did not and how that influenced what you have included in the essay and thought processes

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