Write a study on Louis Armstrong’s marriages and the number of them.

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Write a study on Louis Armstrong’s marriages and the number of them.A five-page MLAL to an external site. formatted typed paper over a specific person in jazz will be due on the final day of class. This will be the most challenging. For this paper you have to find a recording of a single jazz artist from any of the periods covered in the book and write a critical analysis of his or her recording (s). The paper guidelines are flexible. You may do your analysis over one CD, or one period in the artist’s life. You could do a comparative analysis over several periods of an artist’s life, for example, Miles Davis immersed himself in Bebop / Cool / Modal / Electric Jazz / and even Hip-Hop. There are many ways to do the paper and most of it will be up to you. You may include ONE page of biographical information to an external site. information. The other four pages will be your analysis of the artist’s recordings that you choose to listen to. This paper should be done after you have taken the quizzes and participated in the other assignments. By the end of the class you should have better verbal skills for descriiptive writing about jazz and thus be able to produce a better paper.

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