Gender Based Violence Among Syrian Refugees in Turkey

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Pages: 2
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25-page political science style, graduate-level research paper with footnotes using the Chicago Style Manual of Notations.

Please Use the following paper, attached, as the foundation of the whole paper and you will see the teacher’s notes, attached. The attached paper should frame the paper.

1. “dive more deeply” into the actual “evidence” in EACH section
2. provide a substantive subtitle for each section of the paper

The first section of the Intro should focus SPECIFICALLY on Europe, the EU-Deal, and the Istanbul Convention; the second should concentrate on Turkey, women’s conditions in Syria, and what happens to them when they arrive, coupled with the main variables and ARGUMENT.

The first section will provide background on the Istanbul Convention and why Turkey’s refusal to ratify it … Second part will describe the EU-Turkey deal, and its main terms. The third section will describe the conditions in the Refugee camps as they affect women…. We then turn to reports by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, along with other reports describing… The conclusion offers explanations as to why and considers possible ways to fix…

Single-space the paragraphs, but leave a blank line in between each one.

This draft should read like a real journal article and MUST have footnotes with notations on the sources as applicable.

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