Discuss MegMade and also share some quick research on trends in the furniture industry.

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1. Executive Summary (A short overview of the research and the plan) 2. Company and Industry Overview (Discuss MegMade and also share some quick research on trends in the furniture industry) 3. Social Media Audit (Review MegMade’s Social Media presence and take notes for the SWOT you will provide in the next section 4. Listening/Competitive Analysis (Include a SWOT – Strengths/Weaknesses/ Opportunities/Threats for MegMade) 5. Goals for Your Plan (The case study asks you to set goals for building awareness, consideration and building trust – please use and describe these and add any other goals you think are important) (Objectives and Strategies do not need to be discussed separately here – they will come to light under implementation) Week Three – Implementation 6. Target Market (Hint: the case provides three target personas. Please choose one and develop your implementation with that persona in mind – explain which persona you chose and why) 7. Tools (Review Chapter 12 and explain what free or paid tools you will use for social media listening and analytics) 8. Platform(s) (MegMade already uses several social media platforms as well as blogging – you can find links on their site. For this section, choose at least one additional platform for MegMade to pursue, and describe what kind of content you would place this platform to best showcase MegMade as well as Meg and Joe. Outline or create at least three posts that would kick off the use of this platform. 9. Organizational Structure (What type of additional staffing will MegMade need to implement your program – title and scope of work – full-time, part-time, freelance, consumer content? Remember that this is a small firm!) 10. Monitoring (What is your plan for tracking/measuring/evaluating the program you are suggesting here? Indicate at least three KPIs you would track – see page 290 for example) 11. Tuning (What is your plan for turning your monitoring activities into fine-tuning the program) (Note – I am not requiring a budget or ROI analysis since the case study does not provide a suggested budget) https://digitalmarketingcompetition.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/DMC-Case-Study-F22-PW.pdf link to the case study the password is megandjoe22 this due tonight at 11 pm

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