Write a paper discussing the ways in which DNA testing and blood quantum support or refute ideas about Native authenticity.

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Write a paper discussing the ways in which DNA testing and blood quantum support or refute ideas about Native authenticity. Exploring the Impact of Boarding Schools on Native American Communities in California: Unraveling the Threads of Blood Quantum and DNA Introduction: The boarding school system for Native Americans in California has a complex and often painful history that significantly impacted indigenous communities. This essay aims to delve into the multifaceted aspects of these institutions, focusing on their historical context, the experiences of Native American students, and the enduring legacy they have left. Additionally, the essay will explore the intertwining themes of blood quantum and DNA, shedding light on their implications for Native identity and tribal affiliation. I. Historical Context of Boarding Schools in California: A. Overview of the establishment of boarding schools for Native Americans B. Examination of the assimilation policies and ideologies driving the boarding school movement C. Discussion of the impact of boarding schools on Native American culture, language, and familial bonds II. Experiences of Native American Students in California Boarding Schools: A. Personal narratives and testimonials from former students B. Analysis of the psychological, emotional, and cultural toll on Native American youth C. Exploration of the long-term effects on identity, self-esteem, and community connections III. Blood Quantum and DNA: Unraveling Identity: A. Explanation of blood quantum as a measure of Native American ancestry B. Examination of the role of blood quantum in determining tribal membership C. Analysis of the impact of DNA testing on Native American identity and tribal affiliation IV. Intersectionality of Boarding Schools, Blood Quantum, and DNA: A. Investigation into how boarding schools contributed to the erosion of cultural ties and identity B. Discussion of how blood quantum and DNA testing perpetuate or challenge notions of Native authenticity C. Exploration of contemporary debates within Native communities regarding these interconnected issues V. Contemporary Reckoning and Healing: A. Overview of efforts by Native American communities to address the historical trauma caused by boarding schools B. Examination of initiatives to preserve and revitalize indigenous languages, cultures, and traditions C. Analysis of the role of education and advocacy in promoting healing and understanding Conclusion: This essay seeks to provide a comprehensive exploration of the boarding school system in California for Native Americans, weaving together the historical narrative with the contemporary implications of blood quantum and DNA. By understanding the interconnectedness of these themes, we can contribute to a broader conversation on reconciliation, identity, and the ongoing resilience of Native American communities in California and beyond. 5-page Critical Research Paper Your 5-page Critical Research Paper is due Tuesday, November 28, 2023, at 10 am on Canvas. Below are the basic guidelines pulled from our course syllabus for your paper structure: ASSIGNED WORK IS ONLY ACCEPTED VIA CANVAS OR AS HARDCOPY ON THE POSTED DEADLINE DATE. ALL WRITTEN WORK MUST BE submitted in a Word or PDF format to the CANVAS assignment page or handed in to Tuesday, November 28, 2023. NO GOOGLE DOC WORK OR HANDWRITTEN PAPERS ARE ACCEPTED FOR ANY CLASS ASSIGNMENT. If you return your written work in an unknown format and I cannot open it or requests a password for access, it is considered late and ungradable. USE ONLY a Word or PDF formats to return ALL written work in this class. Please, NO late papers. You lose a GRADE each week your assignment is not turned in. After 1 week, you work is not accepted. Unless an extenuating documented circumstance arises. If you miss the Canvas submission deadline, please bring a HARD COPY of your 5-page Critical Research Paper to class on Tuesday, November 28, 2023. There is no excuse to not have a printout. The Library offers printer services to students. A critical research paper is a formal set of your ideas, not a casual term or rection paper. The content expresses your topic thesis. Research paper format employs paragraphs, quote marks, footnote references, is thoroughly spellchecked, provides supporting documentation/references in the bibliography, quotation, when quoting a source, proper punctuation, including capitalization, commas, and cohesive thought in each paragraph, tied together in an overall theme. It presents a concluding position of the topic idea as a conclusion. It is NOT opinion or your belief on the subject. Remember to focus primarily on your research question in the assignment when writing your paper. Also remember, your research paper must utilize critical theory and material as presented in class or from academic sources. No uninformed opinion pages, blogs, non-academic sources, or broad material from the internet or generic public ideas are acceptable for your paper’s research. Acceptable ‘sources’ in academic research are online journals, newspapers, published book references from American Indian scholars, tribal government, etc., as are online citable academic reference work on your paper. The basic research paper format submission style includes: a title/cover sheet page that includes your name and course information for the paper and a title for your paper. Make sure your name is on the title page, but not in the paper header. Title information should not be longer than 1 inch in size. DO NOT DOUBLE SPACE title information. Single space is standard. Your paper is a minimum of 5 full pages of text and must include additional pages for: 1) a bibliography of research sources and 2) paper footnotes; this IS a research paper. A bibliography is not the same as footnotes. Footnote options are located at the end of the paper or within the text at the bottom of the page. Word automatically formats this feature for you with both options. Please number the pages in your paper. Use spell check and correct paragraph usage. NO single space papers are accepted/graded. Double space your paper, but DO NOT double space between paragraphs. Paragraph spacing is one return-not TWO. Paper margins are 1 ½” on each side. Do not employ 2-to-3-inch margins anywhere in the paper or leave a large margin space difference at the page bottom. DO NOT place Header information on each page in a double-spaced format. Only the research paper text is included in the 1 ½” margin space. If you attempt to ‘stretch’ paper content through format trickery, I will know, and your overall total points are lessened. DO NOT use oversize font typeface. Standard size font is point 12. DO NOT USE fancy/cute font or colours in your paper submissions. Use standard black type font, such as Tahoma, Helvetica, or Bookman font as the acceptable type face in ALL submitted papers.

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