How does the comic present and argue it’s themes to the readers? Why do we never see what Clark Kent/Superman is thinking?

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Consider the themes of this series. What are they, and how do they interrelate? What theme does each individual book deal with, and how does that create an overall narrative theme that unites all 4 of the texts? Once you’ve identified what these themes are, please answer the following: How does the comic present and argue it’s themes to the readers? What types of literary devices does it use to do so (think both VISUALLY and LITERALLY here). 2. One of the most noticeable aspects of this series is that while it is about Superman, he is never the narrator nor even really the main “focus” of each issue; instead, the characters narrating discuss Superman in terms of their relating to him, and their worldviews in a universe where Superman exists. Why do you think this is? Why do we never see what Clark Kent/Superman is thinking? Consider the “thesis” the authors are going for here–why does it matter that we see this story from OTHER people’s eyes?

3. We talked in the first assignment about color. Taking that a step further, what significance does the theme of seasons have on this series? We have all four of them represented here; what importance do these seasons play into the symbolic and thematic arguments of this story? Why does it matter that these seasons are organized the way they are too (for example, why is Winter last?). You’ll want to really think about what each book is trying to do in the overall series here and what the series is trying to accomplish with this theme! 4. Finally, consider Superman himself. We know that he is the “main character”, but we don’t see inside of his head; we never know what he’s thinking. This is something that only a comic can achieve: showing us one character visibly while TELLING us what other characters are thinking. Now, consider the character of Clark Kent/Superman; why, in your estimation, do you feel that the authors chose to portray him in this light? How does this portrayal of Superman differ from, say, modern DC movie versions of the character? Why does that seem to be so important? In essence: What is THIS Superman supposed to represent? PreviousNext

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