Explain the approach you will take to research this topic.COMPUTER SCIENCE

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Assignment Question

1. Introduction—Introduce the problem you have identified regarding a topic of your choice. Establish the various issues, concerns, or alternatives that have not been addressed or could be revised. Reference the proposal folder on Blackboard for further clarification.

2. Proposal—Remember that a proposal is more than simply an argument that proves credibility or asserts one’s opinion. This claim should establish a particular problem or social issue and then provide a feasible solution that persuades people to some sort of action.

3. Procedure—Explain the approach you will take to research this topic. Having completed a working bibliography already, you should find this section easy to write. Here you will develop your proposal and establish the steps or stages that need to be accomplished for it to work. You can also parallel any other alternatives that may have been ineffective and explain why your particular solution is favorable. Incorporate quantitative and qualitative testimony/data to help substantiate your claim.

4. Works Cited—This research proposal requires a minimum of 5 sources. Prepare a paper of 2000 (+) words. Include brief quotations from the source our outside sources in your body paragraphs, and document the artifact properly in a “works cited” page at the end of the paper.

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