What role do leaders of social movements play? How can you tell if a social movement is successful?

Assignment Question

Part 1 How would you define social movements? Provide an example of a social movement and explain how it fits your definition. Is your definition the same or different from the definition provided in this week’s resources?

What role do leaders of social movements play? How can you tell if a social movement is successful?

Book Ness, I. (Ed.). (2015). Civil rights movement. In Encyclopedia of American social movements Civil Rights Movement, 1930–1953 (pp. 158–172) Civil Rights Movement, 1954–1970 (pp. 173–201) Civil Rights Movement, 1970–1990 (pp. 212–221) Civil Rights Movement, 1990–2000 (pp. 241–250) Civil Rights Movement, Twenty-First Century (pp. 251–258) Zwerman, G., & Schwartz, M. (2021, March 16). How ‘good’ social movements can triumph over ‘bad’ onesLinks to an external site.. Scientific American. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-lsquo-good-rsquo-social-movements-can-triumph-over-lsquo-bad-rsquo-ones/ Part 2: Access and review the Walden University Support Sites, linked in the Learning Resources, as well as any other university support resources with which you may be familiar. Reflect on those resources that might be the most helpful to you throughout your time as a BSW student. Choose three on which to focus your Discussion. Brainstorm specific challenges that you could face while completing your BSW program. Begin to compile your academic support toolbox.

Identify two to three specific resources at Walden University by providing URLs to web pages and briefly describing the content or service. Explain how you will use each resource.

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