Discuss by analysing primary documents and text and composing your justifiable position.

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Collected after Units 1 to 5 outlined in your course schedule Description: Each topic contains a series of activities that ask you to perform tasks similar to those of a historian. Your tasks include analyzing primary documents and text and composing your justifiable position. Please complete all activities and share your results. However, depth over breadth is preferred, so if you are pressed for time, concentrate on completing only ONE of the tasks in each unit to understand better the concept you selected. General Guidelines for the completion of this assignment: 1. You must complete a minimum of one activity per topic. 2. Use APA format for all Unit Activities and References 3. Use a subheading for each of the Units. (i.e. Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3, etc.) 4. Include the question you are answering, followed by the answer. 150-300 words for each unit/(one activity)

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