Write information on how the source is relevant to the topic or field, and information on the author.

Overview An annotated bibliography is a list of citations, each of which includes a brief summary of the resource. The annotation both describes and evaluates the resource. It can include a brief synopsis of the resource, an analysis of its strengths and weaknesses, information on how the source is relevant to the topic or field, and information on the author. Your annotations should also explain why each resource is valuable to you in your curriculum design process and how it supports your design choices. This demonstrates that you have critically evaluated your resources and understand why they are credible, relevant, and appropriate. Preparation Select 7–10 resources for your annotated bibliography. You can use the seven resources you gathered for your Week 3 Topic Selection activity. Use the Strayer Library, EdWeek, and the Internet to select others. Make sure your Internet choices are from credible and reliable sources, such as professional organizations, government agencies, and established news sites. For each resource, plan to write a 5–6 sentence annotation. You will use the Annotated Bibliography course file, linked below, to complete this activity. Download a copy of the course file and save as “Lastname_Firstname_EDU555_Week3_Activity.” Please review the Strayer Library’s What Is an Annotated Bibliography? page for instructions on how to format an annotated bibliography. Requirements Assemble your Annotated Bibliography [DOCX] Download Annotated Bibliography [DOCX]by completing the following: Identify 7–10 credible, relevant, and appropriate resources. Cite all resources according to Strayer Writing Standards. Describe each resource in a 5–6 sentence annotation.

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