Describe IN DETAIL two mechanisms/ways that could be developed to provide better access to Primary Care to this community.

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Discussion Board #2 Red Bear River Valley is one of the small, scattered villages located in rural northern Utah and about 40 miles from the Big Swift, the closest town and commercial center. Big Swift has a hospital that provides primary and secondary levels of care and has a substantial number of primary care physician offices. The only transportation linkages to Red Bear River Valley and Big Swift are rural county and state highways. These routes are closed or not easily utilized between 7-10 days a year. The demographics of the population of Red Bear River Valley is depicted in the chart below: Demographic Age 73% are 65 years old and above 19% are between 19-64 years old 8% between birth to 18 years of age. Ethnicity 42% Black 37% white 14% Hispanic 7% multi-racial Insurance Status 79% insured via Medicare, Medicaid, or Third-Party Insurance 21% uninsured • Given this information provided above, discuss IN DETAIL, two factors that have an impact on the members of this community having access to Primary Care for their healthcare needs. • Given the information above, describe IN DETAIL two mechanisms/ways that could be developed to provide better access to Primary Care to this community. • Respond to One classmate by addressing them by name and in a way that extends the discussion and enhances our understanding and perspective. Remember that this is a discussion. Simply commenting “good job” or “I agree with you on…….” is not a discussion! Also, simply repeating the information from your original post does not enhance the conversation. No one wants to hear someone repeat the same idea. Think outside of the BOX. This is a conversation. After reading the chapter and reviewing the Powerpoints, you have ideas that will allow you to discuss. YOU DO NOT NEED to find sources on the internet to support your ideas. It is a discussion not a review of published ideas. Remember, the assignment says discuss so do not just state! Provide your thoughts in detail.

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