How have nurses demonstrated their role as advocates for COVID vaccination mandates in your local healthcare community, and what impact have these efforts had on public health and healthcare costs?

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Nurse are well positioned for reforming health care in ways that promote a healthier public and reduce healthcare cost. Discuss the role nurse plays in COVID vaccination mandate, telemedice, and prescription drug pricing as advocates in the healthcare system. The discussion must address the topic: -Rationale must be provided -May use examples from your nursing practice -150 words minimum (excluding the refernce) -Minimun 2 references in APA format within the las five years published.


Nurses, often referred to as the backbone of healthcare, hold a unique position in reforming healthcare systems to promote a healthier public while simultaneously reducing healthcare costs. This essay delves into the multifaceted role of nurses as advocates in the healthcare system, focusing on their contributions to COVID vaccination mandates, telemedicine, and prescription drug pricing reform. It provides a comprehensive rationale for their involvement, along with examples from nursing practice.

Nurses and COVID Vaccination Mandates

Nurses, as frontline healthcare workers, have borne witness to the harrowing consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their experiences underscore the critical importance of vaccination in preventing the spread of the virus. Nurses can play an influential role in advocating for COVID vaccination mandates both within their communities and workplaces. They possess the expertise to educate individuals about vaccine safety and efficacy, debunk myths and misconceptions, and address vaccine hesitancy. By spearheading these efforts, nurses actively protect the public from severe illness, reduce hospitalizations, and ultimately lower the astronomical healthcare costs associated with COVID-19 treatment.

To illustrate this point, consider the case of Nurse A, working in a busy urban hospital. Nurse A regularly engages with COVID-19 patients, witnessing their suffering and the strain on healthcare resources. Recognizing the need for vaccination, Nurse A takes the initiative to educate both patients and fellow healthcare workers on the benefits of COVID vaccines. This proactive stance not only contributes to higher vaccination rates but also leads to a decrease in COVID-related hospital admissions, ultimately reducing the financial burden on the healthcare system.

Telemedicine and Nursing Advocacy

Telemedicine has emerged as an indispensable tool in providing healthcare access, especially during the pandemic. Nurses, with their profound expertise in patient care, are well-equipped to champion telemedicine adoption. They can serve as advocates by educating patients on the advantages of telemedicine, ensuring equitable access to this service, and promoting its efficient utilization. Telemedicine reduces unnecessary healthcare expenditures by minimizing the need for in-person hospital visits and improving overall patient outcomes.

For example, consider Nurse B, who works in a rural clinic where access to specialized healthcare services is limited. Nurse B actively encourages patients to explore telemedicine options for consultations with specialists located in urban centers. This not only saves patients time and money but also alleviates the burden on the healthcare system by reducing the need for long-distance travel and hospital admissions.

Nurses Addressing Prescription Drug Pricing

The escalating prices of prescription drugs pose a significant challenge, burdening patients and straining healthcare budgets. Nurses are uniquely positioned to advocate for prescription drug pricing reform. They can highlight the impact of exorbitant drug costs on patient adherence to treatment regimens and overall health. Nurses can work collaboratively with policymakers to develop cost-effective solutions, such as promoting the use of generic alternatives, advocating for greater transparency in drug pricing, and supporting legislative efforts aimed at curbing pharmaceutical price hikes.

Consider the case of Nurse C, who works in a community health clinic. Nurse C routinely encounters patients who struggle to afford essential medications due to soaring prices. Nurse C becomes an advocate for these patients, liaising with local policymakers and participating in grassroots campaigns aimed at addressing the issue of high drug prices. This advocacy not only improves patients’ access to medications but also contributes to long-term healthcare cost reduction by promoting cost-effective drug options.


Nurses, as integral members of the healthcare system, play a multifaceted role in reforming healthcare to promote public health and reduce costs. Their unique position on the front lines of patient care positions them as effective advocates for policies that enhance public health outcomes and mitigate financial strains on healthcare systems. Whether advocating for COVID vaccination mandates, championing telemedicine, or addressing prescription drug pricing reform, nurses are instrumental in shaping a healthcare system that is accessible, efficient, and financially sustainable.


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