Compare Native American origin stories to origin stories from around the world.

so the teacher sent a discussion and i have to participate in it.
answer the following questions in a simulated discussion. Compare Native American origin stories to origin stories from around the world. Synthesize and come to conclusions about humanity. You will have to complete some research to earn all of the assessment points.
Why do humans feel the need to tell our stories (both as large communities and individuals)?
What common threads are found in the stories we tell?
How do we see this drive to share our stories today?
What drives human beings toward explaining our existence and the world around us?
What common creation or origin stories have been found around the globe?
How do we see this drive to explain our existence and the world around us today?

You can check out the rubric to see how you will be graded, but the breakdown of points is as follows:
Questions – 2 pts. – Add 2 specific questions you would ask to further the discussion.
Research – 3 pts. – Add 3 unique researched pieces of information that you would include to add to the value of the discussion. On a separate page, provide your source information in APA format.
Claims – 2 pts. – Add 2 logical new arguments/claims to the discussion.
Objective Summary – 3 pts. – Write a short 5-7 sentence objective summary of the discussion.
Add your comments, researched information, questions, and claims within the typed transcript of the discussion. Highlight your comments so that they stand out and your instructor can easily find your discussion contributions.
At the end of the discussion transcript, write your objective summary and include your sources in APA format just like you would do for an essay’s source page.

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